20+ Things I’m Thankful for in 2019

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Every year, around this time, I make a list of things I’m thankful for in the past year. This year, one prominent theme is learning — the opportunity and resources to learn many things and use them in life.

There’s not much more to say about this list, except: these items are in no particular order and I did my best not to repeat items from previous years’ lists (based on my admittedly imperfect memory).

Here we go~

  1. Completed my first ever month-long class on music production and now I can finally use my DAW to create music. And how it inspired this.
  2. Brother sent a blanket over for the winter.
  3. That there are so many language learning resources on the internet (free!)
  4. Discovering inspirational vloggers, and families who show that goodness and love exist in spite of everything (eg: Grace for the Millers, Mel and Shane, etc)
  5. Having the Studio One DAW and other basic technologies and tools: a new MIDI keyboard, an old 66-key keyboard, a viola, AudioBox
  6. Having a musical background in string instruments and piano.
  7. Medium and the ability to write on it, make a side income, make friends, and learn
  8. Having time to learn a new language.
  9. My mom’s endless patience and generosity, and visits with her.
  10. My grandpa’s health — he was recently diagnosed with cancer but it’s not too serious.
  11. My own health, in spite of practices I know are bad for me (sitting too long at the computer)
  12. BBW friends and readers, and the growth of the site.
  13. Free library books and access to ebooks via Overdrive.
  14. Adobe software subscription — a gift from my dad.
  15. Access to Lynda.com to learn technology and more.
  16. Learning the Memory strategy which I’ve applied to learning 1,000+ words in ~2 months.
  17. Learning about spaced repetition, specifically the Fibonnaci system (also applied to language learning)
  18. Subtitled media for language learning (like Viki) and access to foreign language YTers.
  19. Creating two writing courses this year combining everything I’ve gained from years of writing and learning.
  20. The chance to work for a teacher, and also leave when the time was right.
  21. Having a great hosting company and learning how to create my own site from scratch (plus many other skills like downloading and transferring site content, email marketing, plugins & other tech, etc), PLUS Mailer Lite.
  22. Winning an awesome travel backpack and socks!
  23. The existence of affiliate marketing.
  24. My cousin and friend and their incredible loyalty.
  25. RM Foreign language reading competitions that push me to keep practicing.
  26. In spite of years of hard use, my computer is still working and serving me well! (And that I have the resources to get another one soon because this one is on its last legs)
  27. Having the chance to improve my skills in arts and communications and writing and use these skills in part to support myself financially 🙂

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6 thoughts on “20+ Things I’m Thankful for in 2019”

  1. My list is simple.
    1. Planting an Arctic Fire dogwood in my backyard
    2. Making a game of paying for someone’s lunch before he pays for ours
    3. Having a local cafe that serves great food in a town of 90 people
    4. Sharing birthdays 1 day apart with my husband
    5. Hot baths in the morning
    6. Meeting people younger than I and having great conversations – keeps me young
    7. Filling this big house with family for the weekend
    8. My daughter-in-law told me she thinks I am a good mother-in-law & she likes me
    9. Our granddaughter feels comfortable inviting her friends to our place
    10. Being surrounded by my brother’s artwork with plans to publish a book of his poetry and sketches – each day gets easier since his death 7 years ago

    That’s enough for now

  2. well i am grateful for coming across you inspiring posts they have uplifted me and dared me not only to dream but aim to achieve my goals. The gift of life and to value every minute of it . to put more emphasis on changing myself mentally and spiritually

  3. That’s a fantastic list! Thanks for sharing Hazel 🙂 Do you share a birthday party with your husband, or have two separate ones?

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