Here’s How to Get People To Pay Attention to Your Writing (EVEN IF You’re a Nobody Starting From Zero)

Win an Audience: This is why people should listen to YOU

So you want to have an audience for whatever it is that you write.

But here’s the sad truth: Audience-building (and maintaining) is hard.

It takes a lot of work to nurture the kind of audience you want (attracting the right people, repelling the wrong people), and then even more work to keep them.

And you’re wrestling with millions of other writers all over the net (not to mention vloggers, podcasters, newscasters, marketers, etc., etc., etc) for a little piece of that most precious resource —

Your audience’s attention.

How is little ole’ you gonna compete with all of that?

Luckily, there are several ways you can use to “make it,” so to speak, in spite of all the disadvantages of being “a singularly lonely voice on the interwebs without a backup crew or even one measly assistant, yadda yadda yadda.”

But here, we’ll just focus on one:

Prove to me that you’re serious.

Whatever it is that you do — writing short stories set in the Maldives, blogging about Emperor penguins, translating the Complete Works of Dostoyevsky into Urdu — you have to somehow show me that you’re in it for the long haul, and you’re not just doing this to manipulate me into giving you a little of my precious attention, temporarily.

I mean, think of how many blogs are abandoned halfway, or how many fanfictions are left incomplete, or how many vloggers start Youtube channels, only to quit when they don’t get a million subscribers in their first month.

These people have no long-term vision. And nobody wants to follow a leader without a vision.

So the question is:

Do YOU have a vision?

If you do, one way to prove it is that you keep at it, over the long term.

In other words: Be consistent.

So, the questions for you is: Whatever it is you want to do, whatever it is that you want an audience for…

  • How do you do it consistently?
  • How do you show your target audience that you’re doing it consistently?
  • And how do you make it worth their time to pay attention to what you’re doing consistently?

Act on your answer these questions in your own way and you will grow an audience of true fans, guaranteed.

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