When God Doesn’t Heal You — THE CHOSEN (Season 3 Ep. 2) Summary, Review & Analysis: “Two By Two”

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“Come And See!” — One Writer Dives Deep Into the Sleeper Hit Show on the Life & Times of Jesus & His Disciples



MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: Read this article AFTER you’ve seen the show to avoid spoilers. You can watch the show for free at https://watch.angelstudios.com/thechosen


Atticus (on the right) is munching his snacks again. As usual :’D
I spy a Sicarri dagger…
One fish, two fish, grey fish, blue fish! …Actually, make that TEAL fish.

Matthew’s Apology

Alphaeus and Elisheva
Good moms never stop loving their children

The Romans

“If I see another drop of sewage in my water, I will personally drown you in it, so help me Apollo.”

At Zebedee’s

“Thomas!…Taste. This.”

At Simon and Eden’s

1st century cooking

Simon and the Spy

Gaius: “I think my time would be better spent elsewhere…”
It’s like monkey bars! Yeah…no.
Very dramatic, Atticus. Maybe we should call you Atticus Dramaticus…?

Back to the Other Simon

Marshmallows, anyone?

The Women Disciples

Morning at Mary’s
Feigned innocence
Oh, the joys of gossiping…wait, is it considered gossiping if the subject of gossip is standing right there?

Jesus Calls a Meeting

It’s a first century mastermind group!
Oh, the eager Zealot…I see you, Z!
Matthew, the human dictionary *cough* expository character for readers
Confused Nathanael is kind of adorable, haha 🙂
A solemn moment for the disciples
Z’s reaction: “What?” (again)
“Do NOT say anything to him. I’ll be fine, I just need a minute.”
Asking for his rabbi’s blessing.
-“Ramah?” -“Hi!”
Making plans

Little James’ Question

Little James’ Big Scene
Little James: “What?”
Little James asking why he isn’t healed
“The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.”
“Your reward will be great [in heaven]”

Matthew Bumps Into Gaius

Matthew seems a little uncomfortable, visiting his old haunts
It’s Gaius!
-“Many of us will leave Capernaum for missionary work.” -“For how long?” -“I don’t know. Could be dangerous.”

Disciples’ Huddle

Solemn moment, part 2
Simon to Simon Z: “I probably couldn’t do it myself, but Master knows you’re a better man than I am.”
Simon: “Matthew, I know you hate it, but you too.” ← Ahahahaha! 😀
A literal prayer circle


Marriage: Samson Arranging His Own Marriage, plus David and Abigail


Apostles, Disciples, and Followers. What’s the difference?

“Even the Traveling Cynic Philosophers carry bags”

Judas assigned responsibility over the money

Where the disciples are going

Go visit bible-history.com and show them some love!

Simon to Z: “Will you be okay with a tax collector?”


Lots of Matthew references!

Seriously. Why is Atticus always eating? :’D

Matthew and his parents’ reconciliation was too easy

Girl talk

It’s weird that they call him Z

“I don’t need you to feel anything to do great things.”

Continuing humor in dark moments

Little James’ Big Question

The Most Dangerous Question to Ask When Life Sucks

Asking this frequently-asked question could make everything worse



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