Announcing: The Brilliant Writer Bug Zapping Contest! (From now until 10/16/20)

Dear Brilliant Writer Friends,

If you want to win prizes and get paid for catching (non-gross electronic) bugs, I have a fun announcement for you:


From now until 10/16, we’re having a BUG ZAPPING CONTEST!*


Everyone who participates will win something, but those who put in the most effort and catch the most (legit) bugs will, of course, get the biggest rewards.

(Oh, and not only that, but if you invite a friend to join you on the Bug Hunt, you’ll get extra prizes every time your friend wins!)



It’s simple:

Report any technical bugs you find when you use the Brilliant Writer app, and win exclusive content and $!

(and also, of course, unannounced surprises. Because surprise presents are fun)



We only want to zap TECHNICAL bugs (Ex: screens freezing, content not displaying correctly, icons or buttons not working, etc).

Content errors like typos in the description box or misspeaking something don’t count toward this contest.



Every time you report a technical bug, you will win:

  1. TWO free “2 minute tip” lessons per bug
    (bite-sized lessons on writing, craft, creativity, marketing, etc.
    I have hundreds of these not-yet-released, so you’ll be the first to get them, and mayhap the only one to get them for free)
  2. $4 per NEW/UNIQUE* bug reported before 9/30
  3. $2 per NEW/UNIQUE* bug reported between 10/1-10/16 at noon, EST
  4. TOP 3 WINNERS of this contest (as determined by most bugs reported plus most NEW/UNIQUE bugs reported) will win an extra Gold, Silver, and Bronze prize, to be announced.


  1. If you invite a friend to the app, and they report a qualified bug, they will win a prize as listed above, and you will also win an additional 50% of their prize
    (Ex: If they win 2 “2 minute tips” per bug, you also get 1 “2 min tip.” If they win $4 for a bug, you win an additional $2 as a bonus. For doing nothing but be a good friend ;D)
  2. If any of the Top 3 winners were invited into the bug zapping contest by a friend, the friend who invited them will ALSO win a copy of the Gold, Silver, or Bronze prize that their friend the Top Winner received.



All technical bugs you find will net you prizes, but ONLY tech bugs that no one else has reported before you are eligible to win $$.

(It will take us 4-5 days to verify bugs and determine if they are truly unique or not. So please be as thorough as you can when reporting bugs so we can verify them. Screenshots or 2-5 second videos that demonstrate the problem are best.)

Results will be tabulated at the end of October, and prizes sent out then as well.


Okay. So now that you know how to play, here’s your ticket into the game:


Report bugs you find here:


Get ready to sharpen your eagle eyes, and may the odds be ever in your favor 😉





Why are we running this contest?

Because the mobile app company that hosts our Brilliant Writer App is constantly trying to improve.

They/we want to invite you to help us find and zap those annoying tech buggers so that the entire app platform will work better for everyone.


Why are there two different rewards, $4 and $2?

In order to encourage you to find those tricky bugs earlier, so that you are more likely to find NEW/UNIQUE bugs (and win $$), I’m upping the reward for bugs found before the end of this month.


How do I get access to the app?

If you don’t yet have access to the app, just hit reply to this email and I’ll hook you up 🙂

Same thing for inviting your friends, send me their email and phone number (but get their permission BEFORE you do that!), and we’ll let them join you!