Why This Famous Football Father REFUSED to Let His Son Watch Football

And How This Principle Will Help You Master Your Writing Craft

“If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.”Michelangelo

Playwright, performer, and former NFL player Bo Eason shares a principle of football training in his autobiography:

He has a son who aspires to be a professional football player like his dad.

To help his son achieve his goal, Eason does not allow him to watch football games on TV.

No Super Bowls, no college ball, no nuttin’.

The reason?

Because watching the game is NOT the same thing as playing it.

A lot of people have this mistaken idea that if they just absorb a lot of football with their eyeballs, they will become great players.

Ain’t gonna happen.

It’s the same with writing.

Some people think merely reading a lot, or consuming a ton of info will make you a great writer.

Not necessarily.

Of course, you’re going to pick up something via osmosis if you read a lot.

But without switching your brain on to actually understand (not just enjoy) what you’re reading, you’ll never make it to Brilliant Writer-hood.

As a singer once told me:

“Amateur singers come out of voice lessons feeling relaxed and happy. Professionals come out feeling tired and spent.

That’s because the pros are actually working hard and learning during their lessons, while amateurs are just entertaining themselves.

In other words, when you read, are you reading for enjoyment, or reading to understand what the writer is doing and why?

You can do both, but if you want to be a brilliant writer, you’ll need to focus on the latter more.

So, your turn:

How will you apply that idea to your writing habit today?

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