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About The Chosen

The Chosen is a multi-season “binge-able” TV series based on the life of Christ and his disciples. It’s the biggest crowdfunded project in the history of TV crowdfunding, not just for faith-based projects, but ever.

Pre-show disclaimer

YouTube Channels

The following channels may not be completely about The Chosen, but have dedicated a significant amount of bandwidth to producing Chosen interviews, commentary, and background material.

The Chosen (Official YT Channel)

Of course, The Chosen official YouTube Channel has to be first on this list. You can find official announcements, trailers, interviews here:

Now Let’s Be Honest About Movies (In-Depth Biblical Background)

David Tate, a seminary student, does in-depth 1–2-hour-long analyses of every single episode of The Chosen, giving the historical and Biblical context for various story points, characters, and quotes:

Against the Tide Media (Interviews with Cast & Crew)

A series of interviews with various Chosen cast members and crew:

Grafted (Reflections from a Messianic Perspective)

A couple friends from Messianic Jewish backgrounds review the latest Chosen episodes, giving their personal reflections and some Jewish background:

Durbania (Official Superfan Reps)

Chris Durban (and occasionally his wife) review and reflect on The Chosen episodes, and do live discussions on the episodes with the Durbania audience (and sometimes Dallas Jenkins).

Recently, Chris and another superfan (named Kris, short for Kristen) were appointed by Dallas Jenkins as official behind-the-scenes superfans, so you’ll probably see a lot more of them in the future:

The Snipe Life (Personal Reviews & Reflections)

A worship pastor and his wife give their personal reflections on The Chosen episodes — once in a while, creator Dallas Jenkins pops in to crash their livestreams, too:


This section is for sites and channels that aren’t all or mostly about The Chosen, but that have one or two great resources you might be interested in:

Coming soon…

Other Helpful Biblical Resources

Blue Letter Bible

If you’re a big Bible buff, one super-helpful free resource you can use to study the Bible and look up original Biblical verses, words, and phrases and their meanings/connotations. There are many commentaries linked here too, if you really want to “nerd out” and study more.

The Bible Project

The Bible Project teaches the Bible via video animations. If you want a big-picture overview of the Bible, I recommend their animated drawing videos on the Old and New Testaments:

Official Chosen Gift-Resources

The Chosen Gifts site ( also offers devotionals, a novelization of the show, Bible study guides, and a 6-disc in-depth commentary+DVD of The Chosen, Season 1 (I assume Season 2 is coming down the pike…after the full season is released and processed)

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Watch The Chosen for free on their website, or download the (also free) app at:


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