This is the Secret to Writing Life-Changing Articles

You want to write articles that mean something.

Articles that touch people’s hearts.

Words that change someone’s world.

That’s why you became a writer, after all — not just to string a bunch of fancy words together, but to capture and communicate ideas that make a difference.

But while you’ve had some measure of success in writing, there’s always been something missing.

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know you could be doing a whole lot better than you are.

You could get be getting a lot more people reading your articles, a lot more comments and shares. Your ideas aren’t bad, they’re just not communicating very well, for some reason.

Is there a magic bullet for writing powerful works? Some trick, some secret to getting across to your readers?

Answer: Yes. There is. This is the secret:

It’s All About YOU

No, not you, the writer.

But “you,” the person you are writing for, and to.

Unless you are writing in your journal, you are writing to someone who is not yourself.

(Even with journaling, you are writing to someone who is not-yourself. You are writing to your FUTURE self)

So in order to be an effective writer, you must keep that person in mind as you write.

How One Top Writer Connects With Thousands of Readers

I have been a long-time follower of Ben Hardy, one of the top writers on Medium. I’ve read and analyzed his articles, wondering what makes him stand out more than the other Medium writers who write on the same topic(s).

Sure, Ben has been writing on Medium for several years, he’s studied for a PhD in organizational psychology, and learned from one of the top blogging coaches online.

But the secret to his success lies in something more raw:

Ben writes for someone. Someone he loves.

Ben Hardy came from a difficult family situation. He was able to rise above it, and propel himself to a higher level of achievement and health. But not all of his siblings were able to do the same.

Ben himself said once that when he writes, he is thinking of a beloved sibling. Someone he wishes he could help. Someone he cares deeply about. He is talking to that particular person with his writing.

Ben’s writing reflects that — it is encouraging, motivating, and uses the word “you” more often than first-person pronouns.

But all of this stems from a focused love that motivates him as a writer.

In other words, Ben’s writing is not about himself, it is about his reader. That’s why readers are attracted to his work.

Who Is Your Ideal Reader?

Prolific and successful writer Stephen King has said the same in his memoir about his life and writing, On Writing.

King has an ideal reader — his wife, Tabitha. She was the one who believed in him before he believed in himself.

When King writes, he has her in mind. She is the first one to read his drafts. When she tells him he has done well, when she laughs at his funny lines, he knows he’s done what he set out to do.

Every writer, King suggests, ought to have an ideal reader.


  1. It’s impossible to please everyone all the time with everything you write. Having an ideal reader can keep you from being pulled in too many directions and falling prey to people-pleasing.
  2. It motivates and inspires you.
  3. It allows you to focus on ONE person’s opinions and needs and likes, which helps focus your writing.

It helps to have a particular, real person in mind when you write, because then your writing becomes personal, focused, rather than generic and shallow.

What it Means to be a Powerful Writer

So every time you sit down to write, envision that person you want to talk to.That person whom you have a message for.

Write for her. Write for him.

Write with love and respect and a genuine concern for that person’s well-being.

Your reader — your readerS — can feel that care, and it will draw their hearts to you like nothing else.

Your writing will ring with new power.

Your ideas will penetrate hearts and minds.

Your work will matter like it never has before.

You will change minds, and with them, lives.

And you will be a powerful writer, in every sense of the word.

Ready to be a Brilliant Writer?

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