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Encouraging words and kind comments received from readers over the years:

“You’re one of my favorite writers…Your advice is great. In fact I even archived some of your articles. Keep writing, keep putting out great content.” —Isaac B.

“This is so encouraging and makes me want to reassess my view of success in life…thanks for sharing.” —Ando J.

“Very straightforward and helpful guidance, including your examples of each point. Thank you, Sarah.” —M.C.

“You are brilliant! …Thanks for the info!” —Rachel R.

“Read this, people and do what Sarah says.” —Andrew M.

“This is one of the best things I’ve read.”—G.M.

“Oh my gosh this is such good advice.”—Clare K.

“You always deliver, Sarah. Thanks!” —John A.

“Wow! This is such an incredible story. Thank you for posting!” —Rachael G.

Wow! Sarah, you delivered a lot of great information — and thank you for your checklist. I am reading Stephen King’s On Writing now. I love your idea to read three books/week. You suggested many things that I want to try because I DO want to be a “brilliant writer.” Thank you for the organized advice for us, and congrats on being one of the most prolific writers here! Beth C.

My ADHD brain thanks you for this. Clearly written, easy to follow and bullet points. This is so motivating. Thank you. Debby H.

This was such an awesome article! You’ve helped me understand several questions and give me new things to learn such as headlight writing. Thank you so much! Christopher C.

This article was one of the most helpful articles I have read on Medium thus far. This is exactly why I read as much of your work as I can, Sarah. Keep up the great work! Brian K.

“Rockin’ unconventional takes on ‘how-to’ improve…Nice refresher. Looking forward to trying out the other suggestions…Pinned. Thanks!”—Victoria M.

“Sarah, This is a powerful article. Simple, well written, and yet there is so much depth (and LIFE) in each of the sections.” —Peter F.

“This is awesome! Yes, I knew everything here already, but you made me think about what’s missing from my writing. This is so so well written. You should be proud! Great job!”—Jason W.

“Thank you so much; that was such an insightful read. I devoured every word of it…It was a long article, but it sucked me in and kept me reading. I hope you have a lot of success with this article.” —Shirley S.

“Dear Sarah…I have trouble focusing on long works like this play. Normally I would read a little, set it aside, do something else for a while, return to reading it, and repeating the cycle until I had completed reading the whole thing.

But this time was different. The title caught my attention so I started to read the play. It wasn’t until I reached the end that I realized I had read the entire thing in one go.

Was it the obvious topic, Christianity? I doubt it. I gave that up a long time ago, along with any concept of an anthropomorphic god – although the idea of a goddess still resonates with me.

Or was it the underlying theme, which I know recognize is unconditional love? Like the story of Ruth and Naomi.

Regardless, I just wanted to let you know what a profound effect the play had on me, and to thank you for that.”—Robyn J.

“Oh …simply you just sing the song in my heart !Sarah Thanks a lot get someone who have words when you lost words to express your own feelings is Amazing thanks again”—Rod Y.

“Sarah, Really good directions for me on my writing. As a minister I was told; ‘Tell them what you’re going to tell them/Tell Them/Tell them what you told them’. I wrote notes in my journal as I read this. You write good stuff.

PS I’m still going through ‘Be A Brilliant Writer’ course and I highly recommend it to others that desire to improve their writing skills.”—Richard A.

“Thanks Sarah for this superb advise! I am going to bookmark this and re-read it in the coming months — and I am going to act upon it! Promise to myself 🙂 Please keep writing. You are changing lives.”—Kris L.

“Hey Sarah, let me be the first to write one of those supportive comments! I’ve been reading your stuff for a while now and I think you are brilliant at sharing your thoughts, I find that very valuable. This article is no exception and I totally agree that criticism can sometimes really crush you — but since it IS coming at you nonetheless, you absolutely need to find a way to deal with it. Thanks for sharing how you handle it.

All the best,

Richard M.”

“This is an intriguing piece. Also, again, concerning Paul, it gives purpose to anyone contemplating suicide. There are REASONS for remaining here on earth.

Thank you!”—Beth C.