How a Dead Dream Led to a Massive Breakthrough — THE CHOSEN Season 2 Ep. 2 In-Depth Summary & Review “I Saw You”

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“Come And See!” — One Writer Dives Deep Into the Sleeper Hit Show on the Life & Times of Jesus & His Disciples


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Nathanael the architect argues with Leontes
Nathanael’s life has just collapsed like that building.
Walk on Water!

A New Stranger

Simon: “It’s good to have some strong bodies around, like the Sons of Thunder here.” John: “What — You told him?” Simon: “Don’t worry, he made himself look just as bad as you did.”
“For the Romans to go away…for a pretty wife someday. I ate a fattened goose once. I’d love that again.”
Apparently, Andrew DOES have friends.
Andrew, to Simon: “You’ll find this shocking, but I have a whole life that doesn’t revolve around you!”
Simon: “We’ve been back five minutes.” Someone is good at catching catnaps whenever he can…
Simon: “That’s Matthew. He checks the ravines for wood. Probably fishes in the desert, too.”
About time Matthew made a friend!

Back to Nathanael

Nathanael is sad

Philip and Matthew Chat About Being “On the Outside”

A walk and talk
Matthew’s circle in the grass

Back to Nathanael

That’s some fancy drawing you got there, Nathanael!
“This was done for you…”
Matthew: “I’ve never tried manual labor before.”
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down
Ah yes, I know this man, Jesus says.
The disciples’ morning routine
“It gets easier. Sort of. You get used to it.”
The men, observing the firewood
“Are you hiding?” “Philip says I don’t have to do that anymore.”
“That’s not a good idea. We have enemies.”
Simon goes to talk with Jesus
Slowing down can be a good idea.
Simon is not a knucklehead, it appears
Thomas walking with the girls.
Matthew and his new friend

Philip Finds Nathanael

Wow, these houses were really not secure, back in the day. Either that, or Nathanael doesn’t know how to get himself a proper set of windows?
Somebody is NOT feeling well…
Nathanael: “No paved roads, no public buildings…they barely have a synagogue!…Saying The One is a Nazarene is practically heresy!”

Come & See

Philip brings Nathanael to see Jesus
Jesus: “Well, that didn’t take long”
“Like Jacob, you are going to see heaven open, and the angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man…That’s me, by the way.” “Yeah…I got that…” “Good. I know you like to be clear.”
Nathanael’s earnest look is so endearing!


The Backstory of Nathanael’s Backstory

Prophecy of Gog and Magog / Ezekiel “And then those who dwell in the cities of Israel will make fires of the weapons…”

“The day I was baptized by John”

Disciples jockeying for power

Ask my father in heaven how long a thousand years is / Soon

Philip the Tetrarch, brother of Herod Antipas (also a Tetrarch)

“Israel began with a deceiver”


Philip’s answer to “What do you want?”

Philip, Napping

Fumbling Character Foils

Repeated Thematic Lines

Injecting Meaning Into the Text

Philip’s Friendship


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