Don’t Miss Your Big Break With This Common Mistake

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can…succeed at.” —Stephen Hawking

A grubby-looking old man once came to a prestigious accounting office seeking help with his finances.

He wanted someone to come to his farm and take a look at his assets.

But none of the accountants took him seriously. He was a stranger, and he had “low” manners, and he looked poor.

He annoyed them, so they ignored him, and tried to make him go away.

But one gifted, experienced accountant decided to give the guy a chance.

He went out of his way to visit the man’s farm, just out of the goodness of his heart.

Once there, the accountant realized that, as expected, the old man lived in a run-down house and had nothing of value and no way to hire him for anything useful.

That is, until the old man opened his garage.

Inside were three mint-condition classic cars that the old man had kept hidden for decades, but now wanted to sell.

Because this one accountant had granted the old man’s request, he was chosen to be the man’s personal accountant and made caboodles of cash from the sale of the cars and from other jobs the man (who turned out to be a millionaire in disguise) had for him.

(Not to mention the fact that this eccentric old farmer was so impressed, he could refer the accountant to others he knew)

Moral of the story?

You never know when extending yourself a little for others might result in hitting a gold mine.

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