Hikikomori Cats

Prompt: Write a story that involves an unusual (not-commonly-talked-about) health issue (physical or mental). Hikikomori Cats   Daisuke wasn’t quite sure how he had gotten to this point. Perhaps it was after his last colleagues sneered at him for the umpteenth time, or when his cousins snubbed him at the last family gathering. Perhaps it …

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Piper’s Revenge

Prompt: Write a story in an unusual format. Epistolary, dialogue-only, listicle, etc. Piper’s Revenge Long ago, in a tiny German village, there lived two children named Amalie and Piper.   Piper had another name once, but his uncanny musical talent led people to call him ‘Piper’ so often that they forgot it. One day, two boys …

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The Coffeeshop Writer

Prompt: Write a story that uses magical realism. The Coffeeshop Writer   Penelope was standing at the coffee bar, bored. No one was in the shop, and as she was not allowed to use her cell phone when she worked, there was nothing to entertain her. “Go clean up,” her manager, Steve, said, when he …

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Secret Sauce

Prompt: Write a story about someone who receives a present from an unknown sender. What’s the present? Who sent it, and why? Secret Sauce   There were two presents left on the table, both wrapped in the same glittery black paper. Theodore grabbed the larger one and examined the card. “Yes! This one’s mine!” my …

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Frances Fowlers’ To-Do-List

Prompt: Write a story in an unusual format. Epistolary, dialogue-only, listicle, etc. Frances Fowler’s To-Do List   Hide CD player, radio, and all of Emmy’s death metal CDs before she wakes up Feed Herbert Go shopping: restock on frozen mice for Herbert gallon tub of strawberry-chip ice cream dark chocolate brownie mix M&Ms laxatives canned …

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Dragon Eyes

Prompt: Write a story in ALL dialogue. (Stage directions okay, but extra points if those are kept to a minimum or excluded entirely) Dragon Eyes   “Promise you won’t tell?” “Tell what?” “Tell…you know…” “Oh, that you have a dragon hiding in your closet? Who would I tell that to?” “Quit fooling, Joash. You know …

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